February 11, 2021

Molten Lava Cake

Recently, my friend's son turned 18 and he sent her a recipe he wanted for his cake, and she forwarded it to me and put me in charge of the cake. It was a molten lava cake recipe.  

Well, back in the day, 19 years ago BC (before children), I used to make a lot of molten lava cakes.  It was one of John's favorites, so I would try different recipes and make them. I have a recipe binder that I use to keep only recipes that I have made and liked.  So, when my friend texted me this recipe I went to my recipe binder to compare recipes.  I found two molten lava cake recipes that I had made before, but I wasn't sure which was better.  Well, I just decided to make all three and only keep the best recipe book in my binder, and record the best recipe here.  Then, lo, and behold, while typing this I went searching through my blog and I found another molten lava cake I have blogged about before and I said that one was my favorite.  I guess I have to make that one again too.  I mean, what's a girl to do??

If you know me, and you've been around here on my blog, you know I love me a good recipe using a ramekin.  Fun fact - I would often give ramekins as shower or wedding gifts with my favorite recipes to use them for.  

Here are a few fun ramekin uses from past blog posts.  The pictures will take you to the posts.  I often use my ramekins for dips as well.  I have these cute heart shaped ramekins that I love using too!

This was the Molten Lava cake I discovered on my blog today. 
It is a Paula Dean Recipe you can find HERE.
I said it was good, but now I have to compare it to the other. 

Not even kidding, I've had many people ask me what a ramekin is. Let me help those that don't know... These are the standard, basic ramekins. They come in other colors as well, and in multiple sizes.


 I am in love with these!!!!


 Oh my word, I love these too!!


 Oh my goodness, decisions... decisions... In navy?!?!?!


Okay, let's get back to the molten lava cakes!!  

The recipe he sent for his birthday was called: Almost-Famous Molten Chocolate Cake.  Recipe HERE

My review: I decided that it's called an Almost-Famous Molten Chocolate Cake, because it's fine, but not fantastic.  If you like bitter/dark chocolate this recipe is for you. If not, don't make it.  I overbaked it a bit... even if you think it's not done, it actually is.  

I used mini Bundt pans instead of ramekins. The recipe called for hollowing out the cake, and I knew it would be easier to just fill the hole in the Bundt pan with the lava part. 


Here is the next recipe.  This was in my recipe book of recipes I have made before, but I couldn't remember what it tasted like.  You make this recipe in muffin tins, so it's great if you have a crowd to feed.  These are also a bit bitter and if you make them in a cupcake tin, you definitely don't need to cook them for the time it calls for.  I would do nine minutes. 

This was how the cupcake lava cake turned out.  One pan ended up having more lava than this one.  The trick to these is not to overbake them. 

Now for my favorite Molten Lava Cake recipe!  As I mentioned before I have given this recipe with ramekins as gifts.  I think a few years after I gave this to one of John's cousins, she sent me a message saying she made them and they turned out perfect! So, yay! 

Molten Lava Cake Recipe

4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate (The recipe calls for good quality chocolate, I just used chocolate chips.)
1/2 c. unsalted butter
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
1/4 c. all purpose flour
1/4 c. plus 1 T. granulated sugar
1/4 tsp. salt

1. Preheat oven to 375

2. Melt chocolate and butter together slowly, whisking often. (I do this on the stove or in the microwave.  The secret is to do it on low heat or in the microwave in 20 second increments, stir, repeat.) Let cool. (I stick in the fridge while I do the next steps.)

3. In large mixing bowl, whisk the eggs and yolks together.  Add in flour and sugar and mix until just blended. (You want to beat in as little air as possible.)

4. Add cooled chocolate mixture.  Whisk together and do not overmix.  Stir in salt. 

5. Butter and flour 4 individual 1/2 cup ramekins. (I didn't flour mine, I just spray non-stick spray)

6. Cook in middle rack of the oven for 9 minutes. 

7. Cakes are cooked when surface appears set, cakes jiggle when shaken, and a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out coated with thick liquid. 

8. Let stand one minute. Run a knife along the inner wall of the ramekin, cover with a small plate, quickly invert.  I flip mine back over, add ice cream, and serve!  (If you've got cute ramekins, you can serve them in the ramekin as well!)

Just add ice cream and enjoy!  If you want to make it like the Chili's recipe you can add magic shell over the ice cream!  Delish! 


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