February 8, 2012

Game Night Party

This was a Game Night Party John and I had FOUR years ago...

It's my goal to eventually put all my parties on this blog...

DECORATIONS:  I put games all over the walls.

For drinks we served Twister.  Remember those?  It took me a long time to find them, and now I don't even remember where I got them.  I taped mini playing cards on the cups to use for drink markers. 

For the food, we came up with fun names for everything...

Sugar cookies were Domino Delights

Veggies were Pick Up Sticks

Chicken Salad Checkerboard

Swedish Fish - Go Fish!

High Roller Cake

I used a box from a game to house the forks

From the same game, I color copied cards and mod podged them on the bottom of plates to use as talking pieces.

And these stuffed mushrooms were Mushroom Pawns

Some of my favorites were the Twister board table cloth, the vases filled with game pieces, and my dice name cards.  I forgot how I divided up the group, but there was some creative way, and we had games going on in the living room, and a game going on in the kitchen at the same time. 

You should host a game night!  

 And invite us!


  1. Hello Holly,

    My name is Christal, and I'm the editorial assistant for Red Tricycle, a local and national site for parents. I'm currently working on a story on how to throw an awesome game night/party and came across your party. We'd love to feature a few things in our roundup (twister as table mat and checkboard sandwiches).

    May we use one of those photos? In return, we'll credit you and link readers back to your blog for the tutorial and to see more of the party. If that is okay with you, please let me know at christal@redtri.com

    Thank you!


  2. I love all these ideas! Especially how you decorated your mantle with games and the Twister board table cover - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Holly,
    I LOVE your game night food ideas! Very cute!!


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