May 15, 2012

Fear Factor Halloween Party Games

I can post a Halloween party in May, right?   :)

I did a fear factor game for a Halloween party. 

This was the Dart Board of Death:  The person had to throw the dart, and whatever number they landed on, that is how many gross items they had to try.  (Any double digit number, they had to do the higher number.)

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The items they had to choose from:
Bat Poop - Molasses, Vampire Delight - Strawberry jam, Poison Potion - Gatorade, Ghost Powder - Powered Sugar, Fly Guts - crushed pineapple, Bugar an Flea Soup - pureed kiwis, Spew - pureed baby food chicken soup, Dirt - Cinnamon, Blood Clots - cherries, Bloody Sardines - Swedish Fish, Pig Blood - Ketchup, Waxy Q-tips - peanut butter on marshmallows, Diaper of death - Melted Hershey's bar

The next game -

The Penny Panic:  I had a bunch of pennies in the bottom of this jar.  On top of the pennies I had earth worms.  The person drew a number and that was the number of pennies they had to retrieve. 

The Jar of Fear:  The names of all the items to try were in this jar, they had to draw one and whatever they drew they had to try. 

Name that thing:  I didn't have time to decorate my boxes...  But there were items in the boxes, they stuck their hand through a hole on the side, and felt it's contents, and then had to choose what it was;
Goblin Guts (cooked spaghetti noodles), Dracula's eyes (peeled grapes), Tin Man's Heart (peeled tomato), Witch's finger nail clippings (toasted coconut)


  1. This is such a unique, yet a little bit gory game and I will really do all my best to skip this! LOL. I think I'm gonna include this to my list of Halloween party games if you won't mind...


  2. These are awesome!! thanks for the suggestions and great pics!!

  3. I'm going to try these at our "Fear Factor Family Night." Thanks!

  4. Great idea!!! I can see my boys loving this in a couple years!


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