February 6, 2021

Speaking of games...

Growing up, my family played games like Rook or Guesstures, but John's family REALLY plays games. Like, stay up all night playing games kinda people.  

When John and I were dating, one night the two of us were sitting in my living room floor playing a game and one of my roommates mom was visiting and she said, "You won't play games after you're married." Never has a sentence been more incorrect.  (If you know us, I know you're laughing right now...)

As newlyweds, we were introduced to a game called, "Settlers," and a whole new world of strategy games was opened up to us.  Five million dollars later... we have a designated game closet in our house. We would stay up late into the wee hours of the morning playing Settlers and lots of other card games and board games with our BFF's, or with John's family when they would come to visit.  Things that are much easier to do before you have kids.  Almost nineteen years later and we are still gaming away.  

I'm going to link to some new games I just bought after Christmas this year.  Maybe if you're family don't look at these because they might be your Christmas present next year.  Just kidding, I'm sure I'll find new games by then to gift.  

I love the game below because it is easy to learn, you don't have to think too hard, and it's a nice break from the Settlers type of strategy games.  We have loved it, and it is my game of choice right now if I choose the game we are going to play.  

The other game I ordered after Christmas is the game below.  Honestly, I haven't played it yet.  I bought it to see if it was fun and my sister in law likes gnomes, so if it was fun we'd get it for her too.  My family has played it a lot though.  If John or Trevan choose a game to play, this is the one they choose to play.  (Let's be honest, I've usually had enough family game time by this point and I peace out...)

We actually love all the games by this maker!!!  I love this game the best, but my family likes playing the other one, Skull King, posted after this one.  


This game was one I gifted at Christmas last year. It's also an easy game to play and doesn't require a lot of brainpower.

Last weekend, I got to play the party version of this game and loved it too! So fun!


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