May 14, 2012

Raised Garden Bed DIY

Last year, I had had enough of our horrible soil and decided to make some raised garden beds. I'm not really sure why I decided not to do wood, but I went with these edgers instead. 

My husband has worked for landscapers twice in his life, but this was all my project (actually, like most outdoor projects...)

I started building it, and then John came out and said I was doing it wrong, and took over. (No problem here, then I could take pictures...)

We dug a rectangle just a little bit in the ground and laid out our first layer of edgers.

John hammered on top of a piece of wood to make sure the edgers were in good, and to help make them level. 
After adding each new edger, we used a level to make sure it was even with the one before
We made sure it was straight all the way down.

We then used liquid nails to add the next layer of edgers to make it two tall.

Three mistakes I made:

1.  I wasn't patient, and didn't wait for the liquid nails to dry before filling it with soil, so it put pressure on some of the seams causing them to dry a little crooked...

2.  We didn't mulch around it that day like we should have, so we got rain and the clay stained our edgers.  The mulch could have prevented that.

3.  I glued one edger upside down, and the bottom doesn't have a nice finish like the top, oh well...

This was the beginiing of the garden last year.  Cilantro that I transplanted from the old garden, and you can see my green onions that did great from me planting a rotten onion out of my pantry. 

Last year, was the first year that our garden was awesome!  It's all about the soil, and ours stunk before the raised beds!! 

If we can do it, you can too...  So fun!!

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  1. This is unique, I have not seenn these blocks used as raised garden beds before. Thanks for sharing


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