March 10, 2013

Mmmm.... soup!

I love soup anytime of year!! I love it even more when it's cold or rainy or when I'm sick.  The ultimate comfort food! These past three weeks I have had severe headaches and pain from a tooth infection, was not able to chew, then had a root canal and still couldn't chew.  The night after my root canal, I was eating chili that my husband had just pulverized with the magic bullet, and I decided that I needed to make myself some soup since I could barely open my mouth!

So, this week I'm dedicating my blog to soup.  Mmmm.... noodle soup.   (Friends reference anyone???)  This week I'm going to be posting some new soup recipes I've tried, along with at least one of my own very favorite soup recipes!  Ironically, it's supposed to be one of the warmest weeks here yet, so... here's to eating soup in warm weather! 

Below, are the soups that have been featured on my blog already with the links to their recipes.  I love them all!! 





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