August 27, 2013

Fruit, Vegetable & Cheese Platter Centerpiece

Similar to this fruit tray I did before for an anniversary party, I did the fruit, veggie and cheese platter for my nieces wedding.  

I would do a few things differently if I could go back and do it again, like put fruit, etc. in different places, but I was working under a little pressure because there was a miscommunication between John and I, and I lost at least an hour and a half (!!!!) of uninterrupted work because I had my kids with me.  Let's just say I deserve a big pat on the back for not losing it with my kids or my husband that afternoon!  Honestly, I think I just didn't have time to lose it!  ;)

The last time I did this it took me FOREVER to cut all the fruit and veggies.  My hands also were raw from handling all that acid!!  I got lucky this time and my sister in law did most of the prep work so I just assembled.  I only had to do the pineapple and cucumbers and hollow out the peppers to hold the dip. 

I absolutely loved doing this!!


  1. What did you use underneath it all? Is that a mirror?

    1. Yes mirrors! For some reason this comment never showed in my email! Sorry about that!


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