January 28, 2014

A Crafty Holly Day

So here is a random upload of random projects and such since Thanksgiving...

My sister owns a Pilates and fitness studio wanted to gift all her clients with our mom's homemade granola... She hired me to make and package it all - oh my word, that was sooo much granola.  My kitchen was covered from one end to the other in all the random stuff that goes in granola.  I think it was at least five batches!  That was a ginormous project to say the least.  

Recipe HERE
My friend loves owls and I had this idea to make an owl hot pad AKA 'Hoot Pads.'  This was the first edition...  So, I'm making a few changes and these may be for sale this year...  I didn't get a picture of it, but it has a little tail on the back too.

Made some Christmas Jammies!  Hopefully I'll be able to get more in the store next year in time for Christmas than I was able to this year.  It was fun to do some matching ones for a fun family!!  Do you want to place an order for next year?  ;) 

Photo: Happy Christmas Eve 2013.  Matching family pjs thanks to Holly Hamilton for making our pants
Are they not adorable?
I love any recipe where I can stuff stuff back into the food, stuffed peppers, stuffing dips in peppers, or fruits, pumpkins, etc!  My friend posted this on her blog and I had a butternut squash still left from my Grandma's garden and so I made it!  I left the greens out of one in an attempt to help my children eat it, but no.  I thought it was good, super flavorful - however, my kids and John weren't fans, but look how pretty they were!  (Photo taken before the cheese was added.)
Recipe HERE 

For Thanksgiving I made my yummy pumpkin cheesecakes again, and an old family favorite - a cream pie. 

Recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecakes HERE

One of my college roommates had a baby this past year and said she didn't have a lovie yet.  Her maiden name was Peacock, so I had the idea to do a Peacock Lovie for her.  Another first edition, there are some things I would do different when I make one again. 

New Year's Eve Vacation was absolutely wonderful!  We had a repeat of New Years Eve for three nights in a row!  So sad to leave my sister's house!!

I made Chex Mix - My favorite!!  I only add the stuff I like!  The best addition - BUGLES!! 
Mmmmm.... Two of my favorite appetizers, stuffed mushrooms and bruchette

I made this fondue again, but used gruyere instead of the butterkase it called for because every store was out! But, it came out perfect!  So yummy!
Recipe HERE
I'm insanely behind on my projects and some custom orders...  But it's always fun to look back and see some things you have accomplished!  :)

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