October 4, 2013

Easy Cake Decorating

So, this year for Trevan's birthday he told me he wanted Optimus Prime on his birthday cake.  Remember last year's cake, and how it didn't meet his expectations? Well, when he saw this birthday cake, he said, "Oh, I thought the cake was going to be in the shape of Optimus Prime's head?"  Then he looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder and smiled, "But, that's okay."  That boy...

A few years ago, I remember reading a tutorial about how to transfer an image onto a cake, and so I tried it.  (I tried to find the tutorial for you, but couldn't...)

How to copy an image to a cake 

1. Find an image.  Place your image on a flat tray/cookie sheet/ whatever.
2. Tape Wax paper over your image.
3. Make your butter cream frosting.

 4.  Outline image. (I chose to use the already made black frosting, because black is such a pain to make.)

5.  Use small amounts of your butter cream and color it the colors needed for your image.

6.  Color your image with your butter cream.  You could pipe it, but my image was small enough that I just used toothpicks.

Remember it doesn't have to be perfect because this surface is going to be on the cake.

7.  Place image on tray in freezer.  Let freeze until COMPLETELY frozen.
8.  Take image and place it on your cake, press lightly to apply to FROSTED cake. 

9.  Peel off wax paper

So... these holes were because the image was not completely frozen.  I am not a patient person....  So, make sure yours is frozen all the way.  I think I patched it up pretty good though.

Ultimate compliment - My son thought it was a sticker that I bought and added!!  Obviously, the lines are a little too crooked for that, but in the eyes of a nine year old it was perfection!

****TIP***  Those transformer toys were clearance cake decorating items from a grocery stores bakery.  You can take your kids to a bakery at a grocery store let them look through the birthday cake book and you can just buy the props they use on the cakes to put on your own hand made cake!  Food Lion always puts their left over cake decorating items on clearance.  So I scored that Transformer set for 99 cents! 


  1. Great tip about the cake decorating toys from Food Lion!! I never knew that-will defiantly check into it for my kids birthdays. I love reading your blog. :)

  2. Not letting my kids see this post, or they will expect it out of me.
    I can just hear Trevan in ten years talking to his friends, "My mom always tried so hard, but she just never got my cakes right!"


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