July 27, 2016

A Special Spring Wedding

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This past spring my sweet niece (the same niece I helped throw this party for when she turned 16!!! What?!?!?!) got married and I got to help with some of the planning. I'll share a few tidbits from her reception. These fabulous photos were taken by the awesome Marcie Meredith.

Invitations from Remember November Inc.

Walkway into the Reception Site


My niece added large doilies as the place mats for each seat

All the cakes I made from left to right, Red Velvet, Lemon Creme Cake (from Olive Garden - I did not make), Snickers, White Cake with Raspberry filling and white chocolate buttercream (the wedding cake), Triple chocolate (Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate ganache), gluten free Cookies 'n Creme Cake, Coconut Cream Cake

I used the platters that I made from THIS WEDDING

This is my sisters favorite cake from Olive Garden, so it was added to the line up

I add this picture as a reminder that something will always go wrong at a wedding.  This cake completely collapsed and fell apart.  It's gluten free making it a super moist and light cake.  I literally had to cut out the collapsed part and piece this cake back together.  That's why it looks pretty ugly.  But, it was still super tasty which is all that matters. 

We served strawberry, basil lemonade, and mock mojito

Dinner was a buffet of Caesar salad, fruit salad, chicken alfredo, pasta with bolognese sauce, and veggie pesto pasta, with assorted breads

And, what's a picture of a reception without a few of the gorgeous bride and groom???

They are smiling because the cake is so yummy... ;)

Or maybe just because they love each other.

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