February 13, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Sweet Sixteen Party

For my niece, Laurajane's sixteenth birthday (this was September 2010), she wanted to have a vintage-y Alice in Wonderland themed party. 

She has such a fun sense of style, and I was so excited to help her throw this awesome party!! 

This is what my inspiration picture was: Different chairs, different tablecloths, different sized tables, tea pots, pedestal platters, etc...

First, the Invitations:  I love how they turned out!!!

The tea pot was the envelope.  Each tea pot was made with different scrapbook paper - I wished she had taken a picture of them all together before they were handed out.

We put the words 'open me' at the top of the tea pot (because those words were used a bunch in the movie...), and the invitation came out of the tea pot.
I was so excited when I found brads that looked like key holes!
Each tea pot had a key attached with the black and white ribbon.

Laurajane wanted it to be a costume party, so on each invitation Laurajane included a picture of who the guest was supposed to dress up as.  I have to say, she has the coolest friends, because they all dressed up! 

Laurajane was, of course, Alice - being the guest of honor and all...
Her dress was a Goodwill find. Literally minutes before guests arrived, I was hot gluing strips from the bottom of her dress as sleeves!
There was the blue caterpillar, the mad hatter, the white queen, the hare, and more!!


I wanted her to do one of these signs for the party, and she and her dad did a great job!  How awesome is that???

We used mix and match china - a lot of it vintage.  Every table setting was different, different tea cups, goblets, and plates, etc. 
THE GAMES:  Of course they played croquet...
We added cards to the wires

I realized my candy thermometer was broken when my petit fors icing turned to thick glue!!!  So it wouldn't cover my over sized petit fors!  So sad!!

My nephew made the mushrooms

To keep the party at a reasonable budget, my sister vetoed the roses we wanted to use, so we used carnations instead, and it was still fabulous.

I did some printed tissue paper flowers, a little bit harder...
We also put quotes at each table setting for them to read and try and guess which character in the movie said it. 

I absolutely loved the place cards...

These napkins were going to be the death of me.  I decided early on, we would make the napkins into rabbits, then the night before, I started making them, and my white napkins were TOO THICK to make the rabbits.  Luckily, I had brought some white fabric with me, and just cut large napkins out of the fabric with my pinking shears. 

She wanted soup and chicken salad croissants, so that's what she got! 

THE CAKE:  Laurajane wanted a topsy turvey cake, so I practiced and experimented, and this was the final product.  I'm not sure if you knew or not, but making a cake with fondant was on my bucket list... so, check and check!  (for the record:  I've never been a fan of fondant until I made this marshmallow fondant, but fondant with food coloring is absolutely disgusting, I told everyone to pick the colored stuff off before they ate the cake!  :)  The cake was three different flavors, but it was so long ago, I couldn't even tell you what they were!

THE FAVORS:  A deck of cards wrapped up with a quote from the movie, "You're nothing but a pack of cards!"

It was such a fun party for my bestest Laurajane friend!  ;)


  1. yay!! i feel guiltless now that it's finally been posted..

  2. This party idea looks fun and amazing too! At the moment, we are quite hooked with Frozen but I might suggest this Alice in Wonderland for my niece's birthday theme in the future. Those signs were great too, especially the "all mad here" (sounded like it's a danger zone) lol!
    Looking forward to more ideas from you :) God bless!

    Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

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