January 10, 2014

Refashion Friday - Dresses/Blouses to Scarves!

Here's a sneak peak of what will be on my Etsy store soon! Interested in one? Just let me know!!

For some reason I didn't take any before pictures of what the clothes looked like before I started cutting them up! Oh well!!

Love this long infinity scarf made from a tunic
Made from a dress...  There are two of these, not exactly like each other though.  Love the tribal vibe...

This infinity is made from a dress - love the added ruffle detail
This scarf has already sold - but I'm hoping to find more dresses like this to make more!

The following scarves are what inspired me to start making scarves at all.  At my craft show in December, there was a lady selling scarves like this.  I loved how they were different, how you didn't have to know how to tie a scarf and that it made a giant bow!  Immediately, I thought it would be fun to make these out of other clothes!  (Imagine that...)   I wanted to borrow it so I could trace a pattern, but what crafter is going to do that - so, I had to come up with my own instead.  And, actually after my sister told me her opinion of what I was already thinking, I changed it up so I like it better than the ones the other crafter sold. 

Made from a dress... Love!!

Made from a cotton halter blouse! 

That was the first addition!  :)  The very first one I made - so you can see the difference in the others and how I changed my first pattern.  This one was made from a blouse. 

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