October 21, 2013

How to make a Pink Ombre Cake

I planned a weekend trip away for my sister's 40th birthday.  This week I'll post little snippets from her party.

So, my sister LOVES pink - so everything of course was going to be PINK!

Her invitations were pink ombre, so I knew I should do a cake to match.

I'm sure there are other ways to make these, maybe easier ones, but this is what I did...

1.  Make your frosting.
2.  Divide your frosting into three (or more) bowls with one bowl having more for the crumb layer and the top.
3.  Use pink food coloring to make a very bright pink in one bowl, a medium pink in another bowl, and the lightest pink in the bowl with the most frosting.
4.  Do your crumb layer with the light pink - let set in fridge until firm.
5.  Starting at the bottom of the cake put your darkest pink around the cake.  It can be messy
6.  Repeat with other colors.
7.  Use cake spreader (hold vertically) to smooth out all rows in one large swipe around.
8.  Enjoy your ombre masterpiece!

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