October 24, 2013

Decorate your birthday candles with edible giltter

I saw THESE CANDLES on Pinterest and wanted to make them for my sister's birthday party, but with pink stuff. After thinking about it, I was worried about doing it with non edible sparkles and such so I just made my own edible sprinkles. But, really, it would have been fine to glam them up with non-edible stuff I think. Oh well, next time...

It was pretty funny, the grocery store did not have a '4' or a '0', but when I looked in my cupboard at home, I had both already!  Lucky me!

So, I took regular candles, and with a paring knife scraped off the outside colors.

Then I scraped off the inside colors.

Then I used corn syrup as my glue, and just spread it on with my finger.  Then I sprinkled the edible glitter, pressed it down a bit, and was done!

Edible glitter - Sugar, food coloring, bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.  I used the gel food coloring so I had to mix it into the sugar with my fingers.   I also like to use this combo to put around the edges of glasses or dessert bowls and such. 

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