March 20, 2013

Who needs girl scout cookies?????

Seriously. These cookies are better than thin mints!

I never (read 99.5% of the time) buy store bought cookies.  However, these were on an end cap at the grocery store where I was standing trying to figure out the cost of something after all my coupons.  I happened to look over, and these were right in my line of vision...  B1G1F!!!  That's buy one get one free! 

I thought, why not?! 

Oh. My. Word.  I could not stop eating them!  They were really, really, really good.  You know, for a store bought cookie.  But, still!!  I would buy these over thin mints ANY DAY!!  Plus I only paid a fourth for these as I would have for a box of thin mints! 

They are so good... 

Just sayin'...

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