March 19, 2013

A Painting Party

Our friends bought a home that they had to put a lot of work into. I always thought it would be fun to have a housewarming party where people show up to help you do stuff in your new house... So, she was game and we did a painting party.

A long time ago, I taught a class on party planning and had a party themed like this with lots of ideas, but when I went to do this party, I couldn't find that handout I made, and my brain was dead and couldn't think of any ideas either! 

I didn't take any pictures until right at the end when everyone was cleaning up - but we got a lot done!

So, the game we played was the clothespin game where if you said the word "paint" you lost your clothespin. Whoever had the most clothespins won. That was pretty funny. It's hard not to say the word, 'paint' when you are at a painting party!

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