March 8, 2013

Oreo Options

Have you made these Oreos yet? I'm telling you they are so good and always a crowd pleaser!  Well, like the regular Oreo uses different colors of filling, you can do that too with this recipe.  Not only do a different filling, but do different things with the cookie part.

Example 1:

After the cookies finish baking use a small cookie cutter with your preferred shape (St. Patrick's Day is coming soon...) and cut one cookie per sandwich.  Ice the regular cookie and top with the cookie that has been cut out.  Too cute.
Example 2:  What do you do with all those pieces you cut out?  Make mini shape cookies!
To make the above cut out cookies, after I rolled the dough into balls I pressed them down with a glass a little bit to make sure they didn't get too fluffy.

Example 3:  You can also take this dough and roll it out and use a cookie cutter like you would sugar cookies.  Unfortunately, I used a big fat heart cookie cutter that didn't look too well after the cookies rose a little bit in the oven.   But you get the idea...

Also, if you compare the below picture to the original picture of my first Oreos I made the below filling look prettier because I piped in a circle and then smashed them together creating this nice pretty finish of the filling (like a real oreo).  So, if you want the filling to look pretty, pipe it.  Either way it's going to taste fabulous!

Oreo recipe found HERE

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