September 21, 2012

Camp Summer Fun

This summer I really wanted to do activities with my kids and I thought if I paired up with another mom then I would be more likely to do it...  :) 
So, my friend and I took turns with our kids once a week to do "Camp Summer Fun."  I wish we could have done it more, but due to traveling and stuff we only did it a handful of times. 
I totally used ideas from Pinterest!  I have a 'Must keep kids busy' board on Pinterest (you can see it HERE), and I used it! 
I took this idea from this site, but changed it by dying butter with food coloring and letting the kids paint bread, then I made grilled cheese sandwhiches with it.  The kids loved it.  

I thought it would be fun for the kids to make their own t-shirts when I saw this idea on Pinterest.  You do it by using sandpaper!!!!  So cool. 

I also did these things from Pinterest too, but didn't take any pictures:
I love that Pinterest helped me entertain the kids this summer! 

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