May 2, 2012

Chicken Pasta Salad

When we lived in Maryland, one of my friends made this for a girls night out, and  I've been making it ever since.  You can add or subtract what you like!  It's a great summer meal!

Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe

Cooked Chicken breast diced
Mini Bow tie pasta (I only had the big kind to use when I made the above)
Grapes cut in half
Celery diced
Onion minced
Pineapple (you can totally leave this out, sometimes I use it sometimes I don't)
Cole Slaw Dressing to your liking

Mix it all together and enjoy!!

This was my first introduction into cole slaw dressing!  Marzetti makes the best kind!  (bottom left in picture)

Marzetti Salad Dressings - Ranch, Balsamic, Caesar, Coleslaw and Blue Cheese

The above dressings you find in the cold produce section.  They have a non refrigerated kind as well, but the one above is better, and it's all natural - can't beat that!

I'm going to give away one of my secret ingredients right now...  I used to make my own sauce for cole slaw, potato salad, and chicken salad (I still do occasionally), but this cole slaw dressing makes it fabulous as well!!  Use it for any of the recipes above!!  Everyone has loved it when I use it!!!  So easy, and so yummy!!  It's the perfect summer sauce!

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