May 1, 2012

Pinterest Fail

So, one night, I made THIS for dinner. I found it on Pinterest.

I knew it was going to take some time to make....  You stand these up in a springform pan:

And, I was so excited when I took the edge off my pan, and it looked like this:

However, when I cut into this pasta pie, everything came crashing down...  This is what it looked like after I scraped it all into the first pan I could find. 

I realized I skipped a step of sprinkling the noodles with parmesan cheese -  maybe they helped glue the noodles together?  I also didn't take the time to stuff each noodle with the meat sauce... as adorable as this looks, who has that kind of time in their life?  Also, the recipe for the sauce was tomatoes and meat, so I had to doctor the sauce up a bit too.  It actually tasted really yummy with my doctored sauce. 

But, other than the doctored taste, this recipe was a fail.

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