February 4, 2011

Felt Valentine Garland

I wanted to make a felt heart garland for Valentine's Day last year, and like everything else in my life, never got around to it.

I had planned on making some this year, but then decided I wanted to make something different. Though, still I may make one next year...

I was perusing the Valentine isle at Hobby Lobby, and came across these little babies, and knew my garland would be made! It was actually a hard decision to narrow down to these, because they had A LOT of cute options. Felt already cut out! So simple! So cheap! So perfect! They were 30% off of 1.99, and my garland only took two bags!

I threaded my needle with fishing wire, and just took my needle through the sides and middle of the felt top of the heart. So easy!

This garland was made in a matter of minutes! So easy! I love quick projects!!

I still haven't decorated the mantle yet... but the garland sure is cute!!

Did you even notice the new wall color?
We painted over the orange! Posts on paint to come!

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