February 12, 2021

Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs

Mallary kept wanting to make hot chocolate bombs, and I finally ordered molds after Christmas. They came pretty fast and we made some the next day.  I forgot I hadn't posted that video of her making them... I'll get on that... 

I got the idea to do a Yoda one from a Yoda cake I saw, and finally decided to try it.  I posted the first one I made farther down in the post, and it's pretty funny.  Contrary to popular belief, I have plenty of fails when I experiment. These aren't perfect, but they are still a fun idea!

The eyes need some work, but they are better than the others below.  

These are the molds we used:


To make Yoda's clothes I added some chocolate chips to the white melting chocolate. 

I have a big box of these I keep in my pantry for projects like this:


Of course I used my favorite hot chocolate!

Bahahaha! This was my first Yoda.  He's so funny looking! 

I used white chocolate hot cocoa because I knew it would keep a cool green color with the melts.  The kids liked the green hot chocolate, and honestly it tasted good!

Then, I thought... these kind of look like golden snitches!  I tried dying the melts with yellow food coloring and using a gold spray over them.  I also tried spraying the gold into the molds then adding the chocolate. Similar results despite the different methods. 

Just a little fun Valentine gift or activity!  Enjoy!

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