January 22, 2014

Options for my new favorite cookie recipe!!

Remember how I found my new favorite cookie recipe? Well, I can't stop experimenting with it! Here are some of the different options I have come up with.

 Recipe HERE.

Option A:  I made some mint frosting and filled the centers then drizzled semi-sweet chocolate over top.  DELISH!

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Option B:  I filled the center with mint filling, then dipped the top into chocolate, so you have a yummy minty surprise inside!  (I took this picture before the chocolate hardened)

Option C:  This was yummy!  They would look perfect drizzled with white chocolate, but I didn't have any when I made them!

I melted these and filled the centers with it. YUM!!  You could do the same with regular Andes mints as well. 

Option D and E:  The original recipe calls for the cookie to be rolled into pecans.  You can omit that or you can just place one whole pecan on the top before drizzling with chocolate. 

The options truly are unlimited!!!! 

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