November 19, 2013

Chili and Cornbread Waffle Dinner

So, I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. 

I used my cornbread recipe (doubled it - the waffle maker uses a lot of cornbread batter) and put it in the waffle maker.  I made this chili recipe and topped it with some cheese. 

The verdict? 

You guys, that is a lot of cornbread to eat!  It's not like a waffle, cornbread is so dense and heavy.  I totally didn't finish mine.   I have a square waffle maker too, and gave the kids each a tiny square and that was a better serving size. 

I probably won't make this again.  I enjoy my cornbread plain with apple butter or honey. Or...

Back when we used to have left overs (before my kids started eating adult sized portions....), I would take left over chili, put it in a cast iron skillet, sprinkle cheese on top, and pour over my corn bread batter then bake!  Now, that was super yummy!!!!!  It was also better cornbread to chili ratio in a serving. 


Weird fact about me:  I love to eat cornbread batter as much as cookie dough or biscuit dough!  Yummy!! 

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