August 17, 2013

Chalkboard and Lace Bridal Shower

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My beautiful niece


I found this digital invite on Etsy that was simple and perfect!

Image from Ballerina Rose Designs


I honestly had no idea what I was going to do for the shower until I got the invitation figured out...  Once the invitation was chosen it was pretty simple!

I made this wreath for the front door out of a set of vintage lace curtains I purchased a long time ago for a future project...  I made the banner out of wire, chalkboard fabric and pearls.
My niece is so artsy and I wanted to do something for her along those same lines...  My sister in law and I found this shop on Etsy that recreated a cute photo of my niece and her fiance.  I also picked a lot of flowers from my friends yard that day to use for the shower. 
The cute couple - picture from HERE
I found these black napkins at Target - and then I wrote on it with chalk!  Perfect! 

I made a chalkboard picture with the chalkboard fabric as well.  More flowers from my friends yard.

I tried to make a cute lace bow garland, but the bows are kind of heavy so they don't lay right when you get them up... A for effort I guess...

I had hopes to making quite a few lace garlands, and I just couldn't get them done, I made this one literally minutes before I walked out of the door for the shower!

This was also the first time I have used my vintage glass appetizer plates and matching punch cups!!! Love!!

The other banner I made with the chalkboard fabric

Almost Married!!

My other beautiful niece!


I wanted to try and keep it pretty simple and finally narrowed it down to three desserts, I wanted a creamy, cake-y, and a crunchy; Oreo Cheesecake, Berry Cream trifle, and cookies.

Originally, I was just going to serve water because who wants to drink something sweet with desserts?  Then I thought of watermelon lemonade at the last minute because it isn't sweet, just very refreshing, light, and yummy!


My niece didn't want very many games, so we only had one game and the advice sheet below that people could fill out.  I thought Kelsey could read them later or at the shower whatever she wanted to do.

I had downloaded a free chalkboard digital paper a while ago that I was glad I had when I started making the place cards and the advice card for the shower.  You can find the free digital download HERE. 
The other game was the game where I sent a list of questions to her fiance to answer, then at the shower, I asked them to my niece, if her answers were wrong she had to chew a gumball, if she answered them right, her mom had to chew a gumball.

You can see their mouths are full of very large gumballs...  You can see the purple gumballs on a table in between them.

The final gumballs.  My niece obviously got more right than wrong!


I just wrapped up some of the cookies from the shower and tied them with lace

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So sweet!!! 

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