December 3, 2010

Recipe Wall

This was the wall in my kitchen on the night before Thanksgiving:

Here's a tip for you entertainers out there that you might find helpful:

When I'm having a party, or doing any entertaining where I'll be cooking a lot, I like to have all of my recipes where I can see them, instead of stacked in a pile. I guess I like to see what I'm up against. Then, when I finish making something, I'll take that recipe down off the wall.

It's a nice visual for me so I can see what is left for me to do. This also helps when you make your grocery list as well. I find that when I have piles of recipes in my hands I always forget to write down an ingredient.

This is also helpful if you have a hard time figuring out the timing of dishes when you entertain. You can organize your recipes with what needs to be done first, or with what you need to be preparing while another recipe is in the oven.

I also add a "TO DO" list to the wall too with other items I need to do in preparation for a party or gathering, just to make sure I don't forget something. Then it's all right in front of me, and I can take it down once everything is done!!

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