December 8, 2010

Eggnog Ice Cream

I love the holiday season for many reasons, but one of them is for the EGG NOG!

We would make egg nog shakes, but this is even better...

Now we make our own egg nog ice cream! Just pour the desired amount of egg nog in your ice cream maker and turn it on! So yummy! You can even do part egg nog, part half and half/cream if you want a less strong egg nog flavor.

So simple, so delicious!

** We even tried a pumpkin egg nog. It was okay, but I liked the plain egg nog better.


  1. wow. i love egg nog. never knew it was also a base for homemade ice cream. thats awesome, gotta try this. for it to work, you have to use real/homemade egg nog i take it?

  2. Nope - any egg nog is fine, any brand from the store should work fine!


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