November 5, 2010

Rice Krispy Ghosts

Here's a fun treat for Halloween (for next year...)!

To make these spooky treats:
You need:
Rice Krispy cereal
Chocolate Chips
Vanilla Chocolate Candy Coating
Fondue fork
Wax Paper

1. Make rice krispy treats according to the directions.

2. Butter your hands and grab a small handful of krispy treats and form ghost shapes. They need to be tightly packed together. Let harden in fridge.

3. Melt candy coating according to directions. You can try dipping, but it was kind of hard. To dip, you need to make sure your ghosts are FIRMLY packed together. Insert fondue stick up through the middle and dip. I ended up using a knife and spreading the coating around. The ones I dipped I touched up with a knife anyway.
4. Lay to harden on wax paper. If desired, do a second coat of chocolate. (Dipping is easier then.)
5. Stick in chocolate chip eyes while coating is still wet.

I tried to use the food writing pens, but you can see how well that worked for me...

A spooky, fun, SWEET treat!

*** You could even pipe names on the bottom of the ghost to use as place cards!

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