December 9, 2009

Gourmet Gift Basket Picks

I enjoy receiving a great gift basket, and I love giving a great gift basket! Here are my favorite gourmet gift basket items:

1. Lindt Lindor Truffles - I love the white chocolate ones!

2. Jose Madrid Salsa - I discovered this at a craft show three of four years ago, and it is only available in some specialty stores in the east, but you can order it online. I ordered John a large box one year for Christmas. Our favorites are the mango, strawberry, and raspberry salsas; trust me you could eat a whole jar!

3. Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Cookies - Available all kinds of places. I love the mint chocolate kind, John likes the fudge, and Trevan likes the vanilla.

4. Hickory Farms Melt Away Mints - Holy Cow I love these things.

5. Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa - One of the things I miss from Utah. By far the best hot chocolate ever.

7. Arnott's Tim Tams - Be prepared for a divinely delicious experience. These chocolate biscuits are available at your local World Market stores (Pepperidge Farm also makes these, but they are NOT as good). The thing is, these cookies are okay plain, but are DI-VINE paired with hot chocolate. (I tried to upload a video five times of my son showing you how to eat a Tim Tam, but it isn't working so the instructions on how to eat one are below.)

How to eat a Tim Tam:

1. Take a small bite off of each end.

2. Put one end in your hot chocolate, the other end in your mouth.

3. Use the Tim Tam as a straw to suck your hot chocolate through.

4. The inside of the Tim Tam melts - and you devour the soft, yummy goodness!

8. Arnotts Mint Slice Cookies - If you like Girl Scout Thin Mints - these will ROCK your world! You can eat these like a Tim Tam with hot chocolate, but the mint filling doesn't melt like the biscuit part, so I like them just by themselves. Also available at World Market stores.

Customize your gift basket to the person/people you are giving it to. If there is a candy or food you know that they like, add it to your basket. I like to add some home made treats to my baskets; spice mixes, wassail spice packets, etc. - whatever your specialty treat is.

Food gift baskets are great gifts to give when you have no idea what to give a person. Most everyone likes to eat yummy treats!

Happy Gifting!

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