November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving Turkey

Years ago, I discovered turkey bags to cook turkeys in and now it's the only way I cook my turkey. 

They are so easy to use and make a yummy, moist turkey! I think it comes out similarly to cooking a chicken in a crock pot, but a 23 pound turkey just won't fit in my crock pot.

You need a cookie sheet, a cake pan, or roasting pan. Whatever your turkey will fit in.

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

1 T. flour
Onion quartered
Celery chopped

Wash your turkey, take out the neck and bag of giblets. My mom would cook those on the stove in some water and make additional broth out of it. My uncle would even use the liver, etc. to cut up and put in the stuffing. We rub the turkey all over very well with butter.  Then, we cover it very generously with salt and massage it in. Then, follow the directions in the roasting bag box.  Once the turkey is in the bag I fill it with however much onion or celery I feel like (or that I had in my fridge, ha!)

You can see the broth level in the bag below after it was cooked! Yum! We poke a hole in the bag and drain the broth out.  We use the broth to make our stuffing instead of using water.  We also make gravy with the drained broth.

I was out of the kitchen or distracted when the timer went off and our turkey probably even over cooked a bit.  You can tell the turkey is done when the timer pops up, and the legs fall away from the bird, and the breast bone splits in the middle (you can see it in the picture below).  The meat literally falls off the bone. Enjoy!

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