October 20, 2015

Hand Made Angel Message Ornaments

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For Christmas, once I again, my cash flow was low... but I wanted to get my sisters and my nieces something.  I came up with these little angel ornaments with little messages on them.  I made four of them.  I had all supplies already, I even used some vintage sequin edging (I can't think of the right word??) from my mom's craft stuff that I got from her.  I think from now on I'll always put little halos on them.  They are cuter that way!

This was the first project I've ever done that I've printed on fabric. I kind of held my breath as the muslin went through my brand new printer, but it worked fine!  I learned I actually needed to make the font a lot bigger than I did, but it was fine in the end. 

Interested in a custom angel for a gift?  You choose the quote or sayings!  Just send me a message! 

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