December 13, 2013

Refashion Friday - Copy Cat Bead Kit

My six year old daughter asks me if she can play with the beads in my workroom at least four times a week. I was thinking about getting her one of those bead kits for Christmas, but we've spent enough money already, and then I had a thought, "why not just make one???"

So, I did! I already had a bead container to use, I cut up some old jewelry, and went through the beads I already have.

She is going to love this! She won't have to ask me to do beads anymore, she will have her own!

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Since this picture was taken, I added some stretchy bead cording, and more beads for a grand total of $2.50!

I took apart some of my old jewelry...
Old jewelry taking up space in my jewelry box.  Whenever my parents would travel they would bring me back the strangest jewelry and I was holding on to it though it was probably never worn.  Ha!  My mom would totally approve of this refashion though!

I went through the beads I have and picked out the ones to add to her box.  Now, no one can say I don't throw anything away, because this pile totally went in the trash! 

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