September 17, 2013

Make and store your baby food - Product Reviews

I have made a little bit of baby food for all of my babies, but I used mostly store bought baby food.  This time around with my fourth baby I have decided to make my own only.  I have bought a few jars of baby food with some coupons making them about twenty cent each, but other than that I have made my own.  It really is so much cheaper I don't know why I didn't do it myself all along! 

I use our Magic Bullet to puree my baby food, but if I wasn't at the end of my baby making career I would totally buy a Baby Beaba!!!   It cooks and purees your food in one container!  (But, buy it at Kohl's when you can use your percentages off deals...) 

Anyway, I needed to freeze some of the food I was making and I wasn't going to use an ice cube tray to do it because it didn't have a top, and I wasn't going to freeze it in a tray and then transfer the cubes to something else. 

I found these, and I'll tell you which is my favorite... You can see the following two products and their prices here.  Though my ice cube tray ones were cheaper than the price listed online.

Pears and Blueberry Pineapple
This is my favorite product!!  It is a BPA free silicone tray with a cover.  When you are ready to warm up your food, you simply press on the bottom and the food comes right out!  Love!!!  So easy - totally my favorite!

And it has a lid!!
So, I went back to the store to buy another one of the above, and they didn't have anymore of the above product.  I needed some more storage things that day, so I just went ahead and bought the product below.  It comes with two trays with locking lids.  Basically an ice cube tray with lids.

These are not my favorite.  I just recently realized there was an easier way to get the food out.  There is a divet on the side of the individual cubes that you try and raise the food out.  But you have to soften it a little on the underside with warm water first. 

And - it gives the food freezer burn!  Lame!

sweet corn

My vote is for the slicone tray!  Love it!  I seriously can't believe I didn't make all of my kids baby food!!  It's super easy and less expensive!

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