September 30, 2013

Kid's Packed Lunch Idea

I don't know why I waited so long to buy these for my kids lunches.   Probably because they are expensive...  My sister in law used them and I finally bought them based on her recommendation!

I have the hardest time with lunches because I don't buy very much processed food, and my kids do  not eat their lunches.  I can relate... my mom had the same hard time with me because I didn't like sandwiches either.  I would pack ziplock bags of noodles and eat them cold!  (Mostly just on track meet days)

Anyway, I love these.  They are supposed to keep the food hot for five hours.  My kids have said their food is always hot (or very warm...).  My kids have been very excited to eat their food, and I feel good about what they are eating!  Chili was the big hit last week and today I'm making potato soup for their lunches this week, and next week chicken tacos!  I really wish I had bought these sooner. 

Per my sister in laws instructions, I boil water, pour them in the thermos and put the top on.  Then right before my kids leave, I dump the water and I put the food (also piping hot) in the thermos.


Here are some on Amazon for you...  HERE

1 comment:

  1. I love these! Chicken noodle soup is a big hit with Maddyn!


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