March 3, 2013

Must Have Kitchen Accessory

Forget about the Kitchen Aid or that Le Creuset Pot - what you need most in your kitchen is an Aloe plant!!!

My sister in law gave me one a while back and I can't believe I never had one in my kitchen before that.  My mom had aloe in our kitchen, and I always wanted some too but for some reason never bought any.

I burned myself making these yummy doughnuts with the frying oil. It bugged me so bad I finally broke off an aloe stem and squeezed the juice out onto the burn - and Oh. My. Goodness.  IMMEDIATE relief!  Why have I not always done that with my cooking burns?!??! 

My plant has been re potted and has now grown another plant right next to it. I think this might become my new house warming gift to others...

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