February 16, 2013

Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

So, I had all these great ideas to do a rainbow birthday party for Mallary TWO years before I actually did this one (this party was in 2011)! So, you would think I would be all prepared and have stuff made ahead of time.... um, nope. Last minute, all of it! I think I stayed up almost all night the night before this! 

You can't tell from this picture, but for her banner I bought a rainbow pack of digital paper and each letter in the banner was printed on rainbow paper.
I made a rainbow balloon wreath for the front door.
The party was during the time we regularaly do preschool for these girlies.  So, each girl got a tutu and a rainbow hairbow.
We read, "What Makes a Rainbow?"

They made their own star rainbow crayons - see finished product below!
I had this rainbow craft for them.

Rainbow Snack
You can see on the left side of the table, I tried that drink where you do different colored ice with kool-aid.  It was so gross.  I had these cute rainbow plates and cups, but Mallary saw the princess plates and cups in the store and wanted them for her birthday, so my OCD had to take a backseat! 

Rainbow cupcakes

I let them put their own rainbow on.

Of course we sang the Cat in the Hat song, "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green...."

I had a happy birthday girl!!

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  1. Her birthday looked fun! I had the same problem with Carter and his plates....oh I can't handle when things don't match!


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