December 8, 2012

Cookie Challenge

Last year, I decided I would make four different box mixed cookies to see which tasted better... Here are my results. I know, I'm such a nerd...

Betty Crocker:  Before the experiment began, Trevan said he thought these would taste the best... These had a perfect consistency, they weren't too flat, and had soft chocolate chips.

These were flatter - I hate flat chocolate chip cookies.  Though they tasted like homemade - that is not necessarily a compliment from me...  the majority of most homemade chocolate chip cookies that people make I do not like - especially if they are flat, I probably won't like them...  :) These have no corn syrup in them, and have 8% iron - where the others only had 2% iron in them. 

These were fluffier, raised more, spread out less and also had no corn syrup. 

My least favorite.  Compared to the others these had a bitter taste to them - almost like too much baking soda?  I then looked at the ingredients and it had molasses powder in them, so maybe the molasses powder was a little much?  However, these chocolate chips stayed very creamy!
The kinds I liked the best were the Betty Crocker and Harris Teeter brands.  Also the two least expensive - bonus!  I usually make my cookies from scratch, but sometimes if these are on sale I'll buy them to have on hand for last minute purposes. 
Happy Christmas baking everyone!  May your cookies be moist and fluffy, taste delish, and your chocolate chips be soft and creamy!  

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