October 30, 2012

Super Simple Tuscan Tomato Sauce

One night I was going to make a recipe I found for Tuscan tomato sauce for dinner.  Then, as I was reading the recipe, I realized it was basically just my Parmesan sauce recipe with tomatoes in it.  Then, I thought of this idea...  Why not just use a jar of that Alfredo sauce and puree some fresh tomatoes with it? 
So, I tried it, and it was actually pretty good and SO easy!!  It would even be good if you threw in some fresh basil to puree with it too...  It is like pretend gourmet!  :)
Super Simple Tuscan Tomato Sauce Recipe:
1 jar of Alfredo sauce
1 large tomato (or however many depending how strong you want it)
A few fresh basil leaves (optional)
1.  Put your tomato in your food processor, (and basil if using) and pour over some Alfredo sauce.  Puree until smooth.  Pour the remaining Alfredo sauce in medium sauce pan and mix in pureed mixture.  Heat over medium heat until heated through. 
2.  Serve over your choice of pasta or ravioli.

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