October 31, 2012

Maternity Skeleton Shirt Costume

Happy Halloween!! 

Last year, I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew if I was ever pregnant again at Halloween I would do it!  My friend was pregnant with twins last Halloween and did one that was adorable!  She even did legs and arms on her skeleton too! 

You can buy these, or just patterns, or appliques on Etsy, (SEE HERE), or you can save your money, use an old black shirt, and make your own like I did!  (Though, be warned, it took me a good hour and a half, at least, to make.)

A lot of these use freezer paper to make these, but I just used the iron on sticky stuff (like wonder under). 

I ironed on the sticky backing to white fabric then traced my pattern on the back of the fabric, (though I was tired of tracing, and started just drawing to save time, my feet and vertebrates aren't perfect, but who cares?!) cut it out, and ironed it on.  Simple! 

For my husband's shirt we put a donut, ice cream cone, a drink cup, and candy in his belly. (though we never completely finished because I waited until right before our Halloween party to do it, so he didn't get ribs on his shirt, just belly contents)

I rarely get to finish projects for myself - so I was glad I finally was able to do one.  (Even though I couldn't find my good scissors, so I had to use dull ones.... and it ratted my fabric a little bit, but oh well!) 

Trick or Treat!! 

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