July 22, 2012

Dr. Seus Themed Baby Shower

This was a baby shower I helped throw over a year ago. I actually didn't take very many pictures either...   I have these few to show for it. 

Our friend was planning on doing her nursery eventually with Dr. Seuss themed stuff, and they named their baby Samuel, but she had cute Sam I am letters made for his room. 

The invites were a Dr. Seuss inspired poem on the back of this:

Sofia's baby bump has been growing.
Sam's almost here, so a shower we're throwing!

March is the month, the 12th is the date.
At 2 pm we'll celebrate.

(Address) in (city) is the place.
At (host's name), we hope to see your face!

You could not.  Would not.  Want to miss,
a celebration such as this!

Will you come in a boat?
Call (Host's name) or send her a note!
(I included the phone number here)

Sofia is registered at Babies-R-Us,
Just come on over, you must, you must!

The Food:
I just took an element from a few Dr. Seuss books. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2:  Cotton Candy
Stars from the Sneetches book (You just have to know the story...)

This one's pretty obvious

My friend displayed her Dr. Seuss books, and made a banner out of the same hats that the invitations were made from .

She also got a plain white sheet cake from Costco and had the person there write Sam I am on it, and then she decorated it with Cat in the Hat foam things from Michaels. 

Super easy and fun shower ideas!

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