May 17, 2012

30th Birthday Party

I wanted to do something big for my friend's thirtieth birthday party.  But, we were also traveling quite a few hours away to surprise her with it.  So, I coordinated with some of her friends to have 30 flavors of cupcakes for her thirtieth party! 

Unfortunatley, the battery on my camera died after the third picture... I was so sad, I didn't get any close up pictures, or pictures of people!!!! 

I found some super cute vintage-y looking paper and made her banner.
The thirty flavors of cupcakes.  I used the same paper to make the numbers of the flavors, and cute label cards. 

I shrunk down one of the digital papers and copied it - It says Make a Wish - How awesome is that?  So people could leave wishes for her. 

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