April 3, 2012

Easter Party Play Date

I'm slowly gathering all my parties onto this blog, this one is at least three years ago...
I had a mommy/child Easter party play date, with the theme, All Things Egg.

The invites:

filled the backs of the invites with "eggs"
Egg banner made from fabric and ribbon

We hung eggs from the ceiling and I made a fabric egg banner with fabric I already had to hang around the kitchen

How the guests were greeted.

I made the tablecloth with the leftover fabric from the eggs. Very convenient.

The menu.

Egg nest cookies

The quiche doesn't look so appetizing, but even Mallary ate it.

A fruit pizza in the shape of an egg.

I dipped pretzels, and had egg rolls with soy sauce served in an egg shaped dish. You can also see the robins eggs in the back ground in an egg shaped bowl. Some food was labeled with the egg cups.

Deviled eggs, egg salad sandwhiches.

Chocolate cheesecake cupcakes, in the shape of an egg.
Vegetable pizzas in the shape of an egg. This looked better in
my mind. I was going for grass and a flower, but they look like funny pinwheels or something.
You can see my decorations in this picture too.

The party started with egg portraits. The moms drew their kids, and the kids were supposed to draw their moms. Then the kids had to guess which egg their moms drew, and vice versa for the moms.
Trevan trying to guess which egg he was.

The kids played outside with sidewalk chalk (shaped like eggs, of course)
I made these egg shaped little bags for their goodies
I pictured them hanging sweetly in this tree, but the wind was too crazy and twisted them all up!

We did mommy/child relays. In this one they were supposed to toss choclate eggs in our mouths, the classic egg on a spoon relay, and hold an egg under your chin relay. 

The pinata was the finale. I made it myself. John had a hard time rigging it up because it was so heavy.
Such fun things to do at Easter time!!

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