January 25, 2011

Wooden Spoon Puppets

My sister gave me some wooden spoons with faces drawn on them over a year ago, and I have been wanting to make some really cute puppets with them for my kids. I also took two old, yucky looking wooden spoons out of my kitchen drawers for them to use too. Yesterday, I decided to just let them make their own, and they loved it!! Like, loved it so much it was the first thing my daughter asked for this morning when she came downstairs this morning, "Where's my puppet?" Last night, they loved playing with them!
My husband is actually pretty artsy when it comes to drawing, but he didn't do a very good job on his puppet above. I even gave my puppet some moles.

This is what my daughter, Mallary actually drew for her face, but I used the other side to put her bangs on - she told me she had to have bangs on hers. It was really cute, Mallary likes playing with my puppet, she was playing with my puppet holding Jonah's puppet. I walked in the living room earlier this morning, and her puppet and my puppet were dancing together. I try to dance with Mallary in the living room all the time, but she always tells me to stop! Trevan also had to draw arms on his and Jonah's. "They need arms to hold their light sabers!" He kept saying to John, while he would make his puppet hit John's, "Ha ha, you can't hit me back because you don't have any arms!"
The whole family! I had envisioned making such cute puppets, but the kids definitely enjoyed this more!

I think The Dollar Tree sells a pack of wooden spoons - for one dollar! Or just pull the old one's out of your kitchen drawers! Cheap and fun activity for your kids!!!

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