January 28, 2011


Last year, I made these heart shaped doughnuts as part of my Valentine's Day breakfast post, but didn't think they were anything so wonderful. When I saw this recipe for New Orleans Beignets in February's Southern Living magazine, I knew I would try it (in heart shapes for Valentine's Day, of course). I liked this recipe much better!! Of course, I had to make a dark chocolate sauce (basically a thick fondue) to serve them with to make them more yummy.

They didn't take long to make at all! The longest part is letting them chill.

Get the recipe here.

The trickiest part for me was getting the oil temperature right. I'm too lazy to get out a thermometer (I know...), so my first few were very dark on the outside, and doughy on the inside. It took some practice getting them right.

And, that, my friends, is why it's going to take me forever to lose my baby weight!!! Enjoy!!

POST SCRIPT: I forgot to tell you that this makes a ton! They are also delicious leaving off the powdered sugar, and just eating them covered with butter and honey.... mmmmmm! John even came up with the thought that they would be perfect for Navajo Tacos! They would be! So, with this one recipe -you can make a few meals! The recipe that keeps on giving! You're welcome.

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