December 16, 2010

My Christmas Oranges

Did you get oranges in your stocking on Christmas day too? We always did. I'm pretty sure Santa won't be putting any in mine this year though, because I used them all on our house already!

Two years ago, the lady beside me at a craft show was making wreaths and putting fresh fruit on them. I watched her all day, envious, I wanted to be doing that! I told myself that one day I'll make me my own.

When we cut down our Christmas tree this year I asked the lady there for any clippings from trees they were going to throw away anyway. I ended up getting so much, I told her I would pay for them. She only charged me two bucks! I bought a wreath from them too, but next year I'm just going to make my own. (I didn't even use all the clippings either!)

I attached oranges to my wreath. I made swags from all the Christmas tree clippings and tried to attach oranges on those too, but it made the middle too heavy, so I used Clementines and tangerines instead. I used Douglas Fir and Virginia Pine tree clippings in my swags. Next year, I'll make them a little different and I think they will work better.

They were also pretty tricky to hang... There is one swag that doesn't hang like the others, and I'm too lazy to get back on the roof to fix it.

I love them all anyway, though! I love it when I finally get something made I've been thinking about forever!!

Now, the lights are a different story. I want all white lights, but my husband demands color. Our compromise were these light balls that we've seen around the area these past few years. I made some, and next year we'll make some more for our other tree.

For the record... It took my husband FIVE hours to hang the icicle lights... don't ask me why... It didn't even take me that long to make all the swags and light balls... Hmmmm...

1 comment:

  1. Love the wreath. Reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg Christmas decorations.


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