December 23, 2010

My 2010 Top Ten Gift List

I know I 'm posting this a little late, but here are my Top Ten 2010 gift picks:

#1: Trio Crock Pot sets - Why have these not been around forever? I have always thought I needed multiple crock pots... problem solved! Brilliant!
#2: Gingher Scissors: I recently realized I got my Gingher scissors in 1998, and they haven't been sharpened since. The best scissors ever. Know a crafty person that doesn't have these already? If they really are crafty (sewers), they should already have some... but, if they don't - give them a gift that will last a lifetime (or more).

#3: If I had a million dollars, I'd purchase friends art for all of my friends. Love this one HERE.

#4: Fisher Price nativity set: I wanted one of these last year, but every store was sold out. I got mine this year the day after Thanksgiving, yay!! #5: Then I saw this at my sister in laws and must have it as well... next year!!!

#6: Instead of Christmas music, you can hear this playing in my van. Music my Grandpa and I can both listen to! Love it!

#7: My new favorite! Oh my goodness, sooooooooooo delicious!!!! John bought home some for all of us.... I admit it, I ate my kids cookies too!!! No. Self. Control.

#8: My new favorite apple cider! Thanks to my sister in law, Cheryl, for introducing me! I buy it at Harris Teeter - check your local grocery store.

#9: Our favorite treat this time of year. Years ago, people didn't believe us when we told them Martinelli's sparkling cider had different flavors, but during the holidays you find different flavors, our very favorite! We haven't tried the flavor below yet though! See all the flavors here.

#10: Not a fan of salt scrubs - ouch! But I love these sugar scrubs. Makes your skin sweet and soft!

Hope Santa brings you what's on your list!!!

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