December 1, 2010

I'm always thankful for leftovers

Even if I don't host thanksgiving, I have to make a turkey to be able to enjoy leftovers!!

I was planning on trying a new recipe with them: turkey tostadas with cranberry chipotle sauce. When I showed the recipe to my brother and sister in law who were visiting with us, my brother in law saw another recipe on the same page for little turkey pies and suggested that. I had pie crust in the fridge already, so I just made up my own recipe from my leftovers.

I cut circles out of my pie crust. Then I layered stuffing, turkey, my whole berry cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes mixed with a little cream cheese. I brushed the tops with a little egg, though totally unncessary.

Pretty, right?

They were really yummy! I even made a little gravy with my leftover turkey broth to serve with them, which made them even more yummy!!

While I was making the above, I had the idea for the below: Layered Thanksgiving Dinner in a Ramekin. The layers were from bottom up, stuffing, turkey, my whole berry cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, then cover with pie crust.

Also delicious! You could even, if you wanted to, carefully scrape around the edges and flip the dinner out of the ramekin and garnish with gravy.

Sadly, my leftovers are gone.

Well, there's still the pies...

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