November 24, 2010

Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight?

How do you cook your bird?

I've been cooking mine the same way since college.

I use a Reynold's oven bag. I didn't have a roasting pan back then, so I substituted with a bag and a cookie sheet.

I have a roasting pan now, but it's stainless steel and I don't like the fact that it takes FOREVER to cook a turkey in. So, I put the turkey in a bag and put it on the rack in my roasting pan, but leave the lid off. Using a bag cuts back on the cooking time.

I'm also a turkey purist. I only season it with salt and butter.

I cook the neck and gizzards in a pot on the stove, and use the broth in my stuffing. (Though, if I'm being honest, I end up throwing it out after I've cooked it about 50% of the time, because sometimes it just gives me the heebie jeebies...)

I also don't stuff my bird. I like my stuffing cooked separately.

What's your favorite way to cook a bird?

Happy cooking, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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