May 17, 2010

Nursery Makeover

Here is our nursery makeover from baby girl to baby boy:

When we had our first baby, we bought all cheap furniture because that's all we could afford, and we are still using it! Why get rid of something that works? Trevan's (our first baby) room was green. When we had Mallary, I decided to reuse all the green stuff I had, and just add pink. This bedroom is the smallest bedroom in our home, and we cram a lot into a little space! I never fully finished decorating the girl nursery how I wanted. Here it was:

I found a king sized quilt I liked, and made it into a crib sized quilt. I also made a matching bumper, but that was taken down at the time they tell you to take down bumpers (whenever that is... when your baby starts pulling themselves up???).

I also made a matching pillow for the leather recliner. (The only non-cheap furniture in this room. It was in our living room almost six years ago, and this is the only room it "fits" in now.)

I wanted add more green in my room, and dress up my basic curtains, so I added the green flowers.
The mobile - a birthday present to myself from Pottery Barn two years ago.

When I found out I was having another boy, I knew I would reuse the bedding I had when Trevan was a baby. We were going back to green.

I've decided to name all the rooms in my house, like they do in the White House or in Bed and Breakfasts, so the nursery is now the Green Room.

We started the makeover by painting over the pink stripe with a different shade of green.

I had to replace the butterfly mobile and couldn't find anything I liked, so I decided to make my own. I made it out of my fabric scraps, iron on stuff (I'm so technical), and embroidery hoops I painted. I love how it turned out.

I made a pillow cover out of the valance that hung in the nursery when Trevan was a baby for the old pillow that was there. I made a mommy and baby owl out of fabric scraps and ironed them on as well.

I covered wooden letters with scrapbook paper I had on hand as well. This is not a project for the OCD, I just couldn't get the paper perfect, but you can't tell from here. :)

I added sweet pictures of my baby.

and some art from Etsy.

Every new baby needs a piggy bank; of course I got one in green.

I made some dino sillouettes.

To complete the room I painted some wooden stars that have hangy things on them (technial wordage, once again) for towels and hats.


  1. This is an amazing transformation, I love it!!! I am especially a fan of the dinosaurs! Girl you have some crafting/decorating skillz!!

  2. So cute -- you do such a great job!!

  3. I like the green. And I love the mobile!

  4. I love it! I really like the green and I like the mobile. Way to go Holly!


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