April 6, 2010

Easter Dinner Place Cards

I have always wanted to dye Easter eggs and have them turn out like they do in a Martha Stewart magazine. However, they never do.

This year, I wanted to try doing the monogrammed eggs. They say using vinyl cutouts are best, but I don't have a vinyl cutter, so I just used stickers I've had for years.

They turned out pretty cute. The only thing is, when you take the stickers off to dye them again, there is a sticky residue left on the egg that doesn't help with keeping clean lines.

It turned out all right though, just not perfect.

These would make great place card settings for an Easter dinner.

My other favorite Easter place card setting is to stick a place card in a Peep. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd take a picture of it for you, but you can imagine it, right?

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